Taylan Plenge – Gem City’s Latest Good Grades Quarterly Drawing Winner

Taylan Plenge is an 8th grader from Clark County Middle School and the winner of our Good Grades Quarterly Drawing for the first quarter of the 2020-2021 school year!

We’re always excited by the opportunity to share in our athlete’s success at school with our Good Grades Quarterly Drawing. Scroll down to read more about Taylan.

Taylan Plenge

Age: 14
Grade: 8th Grade
Loves: Exercising, games, tumbling!
Class: Prep Tumbling
Coach: Mick Bramlett

Our Good Grades Quarterly Drawing is one of our favorite projects because the drawing encourages our athletes to work as hard in the classroom as they do in the gym. The idea is simple: For every A or equivalent earned, your child has the chance to win any item from the Pro Shop for free! (Pro Shop items do not include class tuition.)

We love the strong work ethic of our athletes and are proud of the hard work they put into school. Keep hitting the books! Look for our drawing dates each quarter.