Gem City Competes at Huge Edwardsville Tumbling Meet

On February 9th and 10th Gem City competed at the Tumbling & Trampoline Winter Circus meet. It was hosted by the YMCA of Edwardsville. It was a great meet that ran ahead of schedule. We really loved this. This was especially impressive considering over 900 athletes competed! Needless to say the competition was fierce, but we fared well.

Scroll dow to read the results. Oh! As an added bonus you’ll find a video of one of Mick Bramlett’s passes below! Enjoy.

Results Tumbling & Trampoline Winter Circus meet 
Maggie Schutte: 4th – 38.8
Ryan McElroy: 2nd – 24.1
Abbey Redd: 3rd – 37.0
Leslie Dhom: 1st – 37.5
Carey Rodas: 5th – 35.6
Kobi Cookson: 7th – 34.7
Jaden Essig: 6th – 36.0
Reagan Smyser: 1st – 37.6
Bella Soltwedel: 6th – 35.4
Emily Lennox: 8th – 33.0
Mick Bramlett: 1st – 35.8
Kadence Haskins: 4th – 35.2
Olivia Brown: 6th – 35.8
Shelby Turgeon: 7th – 33.6
Kennady Fleer: 5th – 32.5
Katelyn Nelson: 8th – 35.6