Safety Rules & Policies


  • No food or drink
  • No chewing gum


  • Girls may wear leotards, or shorts and a tucked in t-shirt
  • No two piece leotard outfits allowed in recreational classes
  • Boys should wear shorts and a tucked in t-shirt
  • Jewelry, jeans, and watches are never allowed during class
  • If your child has hair long enough to reach their shoulders, it must be completely pulled back
  • Bare feet are acceptable, please no tights or socks
  • There are cubbies where shoes, socks, jackets, etc. can be kept during class


  • If your child did not attend school due to illness, we ask that you also refrain from attending class the same evening.
  • When registering for a class, if the class does not have enough interest, the class may close and members asked to choose a different day/time to attend. You will be contacted in this instance and new arrangements will be made ahead of time.


  • Parents and/or guardians may watch classes from the ‘observation balcony’ ONLY
  • Parents and/or guardians are not allowed on floor
  • Only registered gymnasts are allowed on the gym floor
  • Floor level seating is available for those who cannot climb the stairs


  • No one is allowed in the gym unless you are accompanied by a professional staff or you are meeting your coach inside the gym for class


  • We are NOT responsible for lost items


  • There is a $35 handling fee if we receive a bad check


  • Each gymnast should be prepared for class five minutes before their class is to start
  • Attendance will be taken before each class, so make sure you get marked off
  • Every gymnast should be prepared to work hard
  • Your attitude determines your altitude. Make sure it’s a GREAT ONE!!
  • Athletes are asked to wash their hands before and after their class.
  • Athletes are encouraged to bring their own water bottle, but if not then we have a water fountain in our lobby.

These rules are enforced to ensure athletes the most safe and an effective workout possible.

Scheduled Break Reminder: No classes or practices will be held from May 12-28.
Classes resume Wed, May 29.
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