Set goals for 2018

New Year, New Gym Goals!

Gem City welcomes all new and returning athletes to a new class session and 2018! The 2018 Spring Session starts today and we’re excited to see all the new and familiar faces. This is a great time to reflect on the last year and on what you or your child learned and accomplished in gym. It’s also the perfect time for goal-setting for the upcoming year!

Haven’t signed up for classes yet!?
Don’t worry! Registration is always open (though popular times fill up quickly). You can find our class listings here. Call 217.224.8491 to reserve a spot.

Here are some tips (and GIFs) for setting goals that will enhance your time at the gym:

Kermit types his goalsWrite It Down

I can’t always remember what I ate for breakfast so writing down my goals is a must. Try this and then place them in a spot you’ll seem them regularly. You can hang written goals next to your bed or type them into a notes app on your phone. (Bonus for those that set occasional reminders in your phone to remind you to revisit those goals.)

Shiba Inus always set measureable goals
Make It Measurable and Add a Timeframe

Think about how you’ll measure success. What does a goal like “get stronger” really mean? It’s easy to fall into the trap of being vague. To avoid this add some numbers and set a date on the calendar. This means our “get stronger” goal would become “be able to do 20 pushups with no rest by the beginning of summer vacation.”

How many goals will you set?

Set More Than One Goal

Goals have levels just like the levels in gymnastics and tumbling. Set goals for each of the three levels below to balance setting achievable goals and dreaming really big. (Pro Tip: Chat with your coach if you want help setting goals and making sure they are achievable.)

1 – Easy – “I want to know the name of every person in my class or on my team.”
2 – Challenging – “I want to improve my average score on bars by five tenths.”
3 – Super Hard – “I will land my standing full on the beam.”

Keep it positive!

Stay Positive, Keep Striving

Once you’ve written down your all your measurable goals, your biggest task is to keep these goals in mind while staying positive and striving to accomplish them each practice. To help do this, at the end of every practice think of one thing you enjoyed or did well and one thing that you could improve next practice.

One Last Thing!

Preschool Playtime and Adult Gymnastics are now in full swing for 2018!

Preschool Playtime

Every Wednesday from 9:30-11:30, $5

Gem City’s Preschool Playtime provides open, unstructured time for kids to come play. You can come for a half-hour or stay the whole two hours. Each child or small group needs a chaperone. Ages 6 and under only.

Adult Gymnastics

Every Wednesday from 7:45-9, $9

Adult Gymnastics is an hour and fifteen minute open gym format. No Experience or commitment required, Ages 18+


📸 2018 photo by NordWood Themes via Unsplash | GIFs via GIPHY

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