Meet the Coaches and Staff of Gem City

Founded in 2006, Gem City Gymnastics & Tumbling, LLC. has some amazing coaches with over 215 years of combined coaching experience in the sports of gymnastics, tumbling, and cheer. We’re proud of our varied histories and grateful for our eclectic energies.

We always say we’re going to “gym,” not to “work” because we love our job that much!

Some of us landed in gymnastics because we were hyperactive kids, others were naturally talented gymnasts or tumblers, and still others got into the sport to develop basic coordination. (Oh, did we mention fun? That’s why we all stuck with it!) No matter how we got here, coaching is now our passion. Gymnastics and tumbling is something that has added value to our lives. We want to extend this value to our athletes whether they are 3 or 30, totally inexperienced or an elite level competitor. These sports are challenging. Your body must be strong, but your mind needs to be stronger. We help strengthen both with our coaching approach that is safety centered, positive, and knows when to offer a kick in the pants. Please take moment to click through the slides below and learn a little more about the faces of Gem City.

Coaches & Staff

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