Level 4 and Level 5 Gymnastics Teams Earn a Spot at State Competitions

Level 4 and Level 5 gymnastics teams had a great meet season with nine athletes in Level 4 and five athletes in Level 5 advancing for State Competitions. Both State meets will take place from March 22-24 in Bourbonnais, Illinois.

They are coached by Jacob Huff, Hope Huff, Kiki Backoff, and Damon Wilson. The coaches love all the fun and hard work these athletes put in, and the effort has paid off- several athletes qualified for the Level 4 & 5 State Competitions.

Advancing to State competitions is not easy.

It requires that each athlete compete in a minimum of five and a maximum of eight invitational competitions throughout the season. Level 4 and 5 athletes also had to earn an all-around score of 34.00 or higher in order to qualify for State.

These athletes have to be strong, but their minds need to be even stronger.

Training in gymnastics often means working through times when you can’t see your progress. We’re proud of the hard work each athlete has put into their own talent and growth during the year.

Level 4s advancing to State:

Aubrey Pool, 12, Quincy
Shemaya Mixer, 10, Quincy
Ally Lefringhouse, 11, Quincy
Kaitlyn Klusman, 10, Quincy
Miranda Klingler, 11, Carthage
Chandler John, 10, Liberty
Alaina Bange, 12, Quincy
Caydence Ancelet, 11, Fowler
Faith Alford, 10, Clayton

Level 5s advancing to State:

Ashlyn Akerson, 13, Palmyra
Sophia Slater, 10, Canton
Lila Winking, 10, Quincy
Alaina Loman, 12, Palmyra
Sophia Weis, 14, Quincy

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