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12 Reasons to Try Summer Classes

There are always so many benefits to Gem City’s gymnastics, tumbling, cheer, and kinder gem classes, but summer classes offer a few special perks.

You can sign up for Gem City’s summer classes starting on Monday, April 20!

You can view class descriptions and schedules here. If you aren’t quite sure what class is the best fit, we can help! You can call 217.224.8491.

1. Quick and New 🎉

Summer at Gem City is a short session – only nine weeks from June 6 to August 8. It’s a perfect session to try something new! Our other two sessions are longer 17 and 19 week commitments, so the summer session classes allow your child to engage in a new sport to see if it’s something they’d like to do long-term.

2. Be Cool ❄️

Classes are in an air conditioned facility. So while your child might sweat it out, practice won’t be in the excessive heat and humidity.

3. Flexible Scheduling 🗓

Without school in session, Gem City is able to hold classes in the mornings as well as the afternoons and evenings. Most families find that even with busy summer schedules they can manage a summer class (or classes) that fits into their routine!

4. More parking! 🚗

Our facility has more parking in the summer because the dance studio that shares our parking lot is not in session over the summer.

5. Better Focus 💆‍♂️

There’s more time to focus on extracurricular activities because school and homework are on hold.  This allows our athletes to focus more on their sport, so they feel less stressed when coming to practice each day.

6. The Same Great Coaching! (Plus, bonus summer-only instructors!) 🏅

The same awesome coaches that you’ll see during the school year at Gem City teach here during the summer too. Plus, a few of our college-age coaches come home over summer and step in to coach regular classes and help as substitutes.  But you’re getting the same great coaches that teach the core classes that you see during the school year.

7. Free Weekends 😎

We take the weekends off of classes!  We don’t do Friday night or Saturday classes over the summer. This allows everyone (both gym families and coaches) to enjoy summer free time with family and vacation without feeling guilty they missed any classes.

8. We Understand Vacation 🏕

Vacations are awesome, and we understand that your family may go on vacation, so you are allowed to make-up one missed class if you need to.

9. Something for Everyone 🙌

You can bring the whole family!  We offer classes starting at 18 months and even mom or dad can tryout our Wednesday night Adult Gymnastics open gyms. Gem City has classes for girls and boys of all ages for gymnastics, tumbling, and cheer. Plus, you can attend the first class as a trial if you’re new. This way you’re not obligated for the entire summer session until after you attend your first class and decide that you like it.  If you don’t think it’s a good fit then you don’t have to join or pay anything.  If you do like it, then the spot on the roster is yours and you can attend the whole summer session!

10. Hard Work by Example 💪

Your little ones get to see hard work up close as our recreational classes take place alongside our competitive team programs. As your child is learning their first handstand, they get to see our upper level athletes twisting and flipping just feet away. We love that kids get to see older and more advanced athletes learning right next to them. They not only see what they’re building toward but also how hard those big skills are to learn!

11. Structure Amid the Freedom ⏱

Taking the summer off from all structure can be overwhelming for little ones. Gem City’s summer classes can help create a routine and keep them active and social with other kids. Our recreational program is perfect for this during the summer session or all-year. Gem City provides an outlet for your child’s extra energy while doing it in a controlled, respectful, playful, strength-building, relationship-building way.

12. Gymnastics and Tumbling Help with Other Sports ⛹️‍♀️

Even if you’re not set out on being the next Simone Biles or Austin Nacey, Gem City programs help build flexibility, balance, time management, respect, hard work, teamwork, critical thinking skills, social interaction, fine motor skills, and strength. These help athletes perform better in their other sports and schools. We have gymnasts and tumblers who have and are currently excelling at swimming, diving, cross country, pole vaulting, hurdling, dancing, football, and soccer.

Sign Up for Summer Classes!

You can view the summer class descriptions and schedules here. To sign up, just call 217.224.8491.

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