The Results: USTA Southern Illinois State Championships

Twenty-seven of Gem City’s tumbling athletes traveled to Springfield for the 2019 USTA Southern Illinois State Championships on April 28, 2019. Five athletes earned state championships!

Nearly all of the tumblers (25 of 27) qualified for the USTA National Championships! We are proud of their hard work and thankful for all of the commitment, dedication, and hard work throughout the season required of the athletes and their families.

Keep scrolling for a few pictures and full listing of the results.

2019 USTA Southern Illinois State Championships Results

National Qualifiers

Randle Guymon, Advanced – 🥇STATE CHAMPION🥇
John Bohnenblust, Sub Advanced – 🥇STATE CHAMPION🥇
Ava Gammons, Novice – 🥇STATE CHAMPION🥇
Khloee Hinton, Novice – 🥇STATE CHAMPION🥇
Sydney Sherman, Novice – 🥇STATE CHAMPION🥇
Cassidy Lane, Sub Novice – 2nd🥈
Rylee Mellon, Advanced – 2nd🥈
Daylen Stevens, Sub Novice – 2nd🥈
Ayanna Douglas, Advance – 4th
Ashely Leonard, Advanced – 4th
Sophia Slater, Sub Advanced – 4th
Olivia Slater, Novice – 4th
Chayse Uhlmeyer, Novice – 5th
MaryKate McReynolds, Sub Advanced – 5th
Madalyn Gibbs, Advanced – 5th
Abby Fenton, Sub Novice- 5th
Ashlyn Akerson, Advanced – 5th
Ruby Akerson, Intermediate – 6th
Bailey Heller, Novice – 6th
Haileigh Carlstrom, Novice – 8th
Laken Hudnut, Novice – 8th
Claire Westerman, Novice – 9th
Ava Crist, Intermediate – 10th
Carter Arnold, Novice – 11th
Kenidee Oshner, Novice – 12th

Other Results

Jenna Starman, Sub Novice – 17th
Millie Stewart, Sub Novice – 19th