A Guide to Classes at Gem City

It can be intimidating figuring out all the ins and outs of a new activity, so I put this guide together to make it easier for those looking for information about joining Gem City Gymnastics & Tumbling, LLC. in Quincy.

What We offer

Gem City offers classes in gymnastics, tumbling, cheer, and preschool. (Plus, we offer private lessons, skill clinics, birthday parties, and field trips.) Class lengths vary based on the age and skill level of athletes to ensure learning and fun.

We offer classes for preschool and elementary aged children as well as for junior high and high school age athletes. We also have an adaptive gymnastics class for school age kids that need just more focused attention. Adult gymnastics is also a fun way for the 18+ crowd to come in and get a workout in a fun way! This group is fun with people doing their first cartwheel at 40 to former gymnasts.


We pride ourselves in being able to accommodate a broad range of athletes with recreational, competitive, adaptive, and adult programs! Everyone is an athlete – no matter your ultimate goal or your current skill level. We offer so many class options that finding a time to attend usually isn’t a problem.

If your child is shy or very young, it’ll be good to know that we have a parent viewing area so that you can view the classes in their entirety.

Age is Just a Number

You can start attending Gem City classes as young as 18 months old, still in diapers, with our Tiny Gems class, where mom and dad help guide the child. No matter what you choose – gymnastics, tumbling, or cheerleading – you can attend classes all the way through college and beyond.

Nothing to Lose

We offer a trial class for all prospective members. This is a risk-free way to make sure your child loves it first before committing to a longer session if you’re brand new to gymnastics and tumbling. This helps us find you the best class, coach, and time of day. There’s no obligation until AFTER you attend your first class and decide to sign up for the class session.

Class Sessions

We offer three class sessions each year – fall, spring, and summer. Most athletes train all year long for consistency and to maximize learning. The fall session is our longest – fall 2019 is 17 weeks long. This gives the athletes ample time to grow comfortable in the gym, get to know their coach and classmates, and work toward meeting their individual goals with enough time to practice before their next evaluation.

Miss the start date? Don’t worry. You can start classes at any time as long as a class has an available spot. Just give us a call at 217.224.8491.

Measured Progress

Each session Gem City’s coaches evaluate every athlete’s progress toward the learning goals of the class that they are enrolled in. Evaluations The evaluation is a simple checklist of skills specific to each class. It lets parents know what skills the child can and cannot perform proficiently. Evaluations happen the week before the class registration for the next session opens up – usually about a month before the current session is actually finished.

This process allows parents and athletes to see their progress and receive an informed recommendation about the best level the athlete should attend the following session. Most children will attend a level for multiple sessions. Evaluations help parents find the appropriate class and time that works with their schedule. Register early to guarantee the exact day and time that works best for you.

Competitive? Recreational? Private Lessons?

Once you’re at Gem City, we’ll guide you toward programs that best fit the athlete based on their goals. Our recreational programs do build the skills needed for an athlete to become competitive. Some athletes, however, may not want to be on a competitive track and are more interested in setting personal goals. We get it. In fact, we have more recreational athletes than competitive athletes.

Classes that aren’t on the competitive track are: adaptive gymnastics, adult gymnastics, beginning cheer tumbling, and advanced cheer tumbling. If your child attends any of the other recreational classes at Gem City, they have the opportunity to one day be considered for a competitive team. (Membership on a competitive team is based on skill level and the discretion of Gem City’s coaching staff.)

How Do I Sign Up?

Take a look at our class schedule then call us at 217.224.8491 to sign up for a class or try a risk-free trial.

The office is closed August 8-18. We will, however, be checking voicemails daily and signing people up over the phone.