Changes to the Spring Class Schedule!

Our online class catalog is THE most up-to-date listing available. We mail and pass out printed Spring 2020 brochures to all active and inactive students each session. However, life changes. After making our schedule last month, we did have a few tweaks after it printed.

So the following changes are different than those listed on the blue, printed Spring brochure:

  • Wednesday KG 4&5 – We are now offering a 6-7pm class and we removed the 5:30-6:30 and 6:30-7:30 times.
  • Monday Level 1 – We are now offering a 4-5pm class.
  • Wednesday Level 1 – We are no longer offering the 4-5pm class.
  • Beginning Tumbling – We are no longer offering the Tuesday 6-7pm class or the Saturday 11:45am class.
  • Prep Tumbling – We are no longer offering the 7:30-8:30pm classes on Monday or Wednesday.

Gem City’s spring session is 19 weeks running from January 3 to May 16. Call 217.224.8491 or drop in at the gym to get your spot reserved beginning on November 25.

You can find our listing of gymnastics, tumbling, cheer, kinder gem, and parkour classes here. We offer programs for children starting as young as 18 months and also have a program for adult athletes.

Need help finding the right class? Don’t worry! We are here to help.

For current students, evaluation week begins November 18. It’s a great opportunity for coaches, athletes, and parents to celebrate the progress they made during the session! Each athlete will receive a written evaluation from their coach for their recommended class for the next session.

Our staff will also help match new students with a class that best fits their needs and ability levels.