Gymnastics Team Competes in Bloomington

Gem City gymnasts headed to Bloomington on December 13-15, 2019 for the Crossroads Classic Invitational and they rocked it! Read below to find out all the top ten All-Around and event finishes.

All-Around Standings

Level 9:
Ava Winking – 2nd

Level 8:
Anna Venvertloh – 6th

Level 7:
Alaina Loman – 10th

Level 4:
Weslee John – 3rd

Miranda Klingner – 4th

Faith Alford – 4th

Kaitlyn Klusman – 6th

Thea Figge – 7th

Olivia Slater – 7th

Emma Fleer – 7th

Claire Obert – 8th

Carrie Vance – 10th

Level 3:
Sylvia Winking – 2nd

Lily Niewohner – 3rd

Rebekah Lovercheck – 3rd

Irelyn Plenge – 4th

Braelyn McKinney – 4th

Kaylin Vasquez-Epperson – 7th

Evan Little – 7th

Jackie Lefringhouse – 7th

Kate Fuller – 8th

Cassidy Lane – 8th

Caroline Hilbing – 9th

Addison Bakalyar – 9th

Layla Fitzpatrick – 10th

Emma Pitford – 10th

Event Standings

Level 9 
Ava Winking – 2nd vault, 2nd bars, 3rd beam, 6th floor

Level 8
Anna Venvertloh – 2nd vault

Ayanna Douglas – participated

Level 7
Alaina Loman – bars 9th, floor 9th 

Lila Winking – participated

Sophia Slater – participated

Level 4

Team – 3rd PLACE

Olivia Slater – vault 3rd, bar 9th, beam 9th, floor 9th

Weslee John – vault 3rd, bars 4th, floor 3rd

Thea Figge – vault 10th, bars 5th, floor 6th

Claire Obert – vault 8th, bars 8th, beam 10th, floor 8th

Carrie Vance – bars 6th

Faith Alford – vault 6th, bars 7th, beam 5th, floor 4th

Kaitlyn Klusman – vault 7th, bars 6th, beam 2, floor 7th

Emma Fleer – bars 4th, beam 5th

Miranda Klingner – vault 6th, bars 7th, beam 8th, floor 4th

Caydence Ancelet – vault 4th, beam 10th

Sydney Nicholas – beam 6th

Aubrey Pool – beam 4th, floor 9th

Sidney Zimmerman – participated

Sophie Nicosia – participated

Chloe Buhrmester – participated 

Level 3

Team – 3rd Place

Kaylin Vasquez-Epperson – vault 8th, bars 10th, beam 8th, floor 5th

Kate Fuller – vault 4th, bars 6th, floor 10th

Madilynn Wiseman – beam 10th

Cassidy Lane – vault 9th, beam 8th, floor 8th

Grace Baudino – beam 9th

Ellie Lithila – floor 9th

Sylvia Winking – vault 5th, bars 2nd, beam 1st, floor 2nd

Braelyn McKinney – vault 4th, bars 5th, beam 5th, floor 3rd

Jackie Lefringhouse – vault 8th, bars 4th, beam 10th, floor 5th

Layla Fitzpatrick – vault 9th, beam 10th, floor 9th

Audrey McKinney – bars 4th

Quinlynn Martin – bars 8th

Lily Niewohner – vault 3rd, bars 2nd, beam 7th, floor 1st

Caroline Hilbing – beam 4th, floor 3rd

Milah Ogle – beam 9th

Rebekah Lovercheck – vault 3rd, bars 2nd, beam 1st, floor 6th

Irelyn Plenge – vault 5th, bars 1st, beam 4th, floor 9th

Evan Little – bars 6th, beam 9th, floor 9th

Addison Bakalyar – bars 4th, floor 5th

Emma Pitford – bars 8th, beam 5th

Janie Triplett – vault 10th, bars 10th

Carli Anders – participated

Natalie Royalty – participated

Nevaeh Weinand – participated