Winning in Winter Weather

It was a wintery weekend but Gem City’s gymnastics team still took a roadtrip to compete at the Kansas City Classic Invitational. The meet was a huge success! 🎉 We had MANY personal bests & our Level 3 team earned Third Place Team Award! 💪

You can view a list of top ten individual all-around and event standings below.

Gymnastics team coaches include Jacob Huff, Hope Huff, Kiki Backoff, Katelyn Dixon, Ashley Schralla, and Calvin Cookson. You can read more about Gem City’s gymnastics program and find our meet schedule here.

All-Around Standings

Level 9:
Ava Winking – 2nd All-Around

Level 8:
Ayanna Douglas – 2nd All-Around

Level 7:
Alaina Loman – 5th All-Around

Lila Winking – 8th All-Around

Sophia Slater – 9th All-Around

Level 4:
Welsee John – 1st All-Around

Aubrey Pool – 2nd All-Around

Miranda Klingler – 2nd All-Around

Faith Alford – 2nd All-Around

Thea Figge – 3rd All-Around

Claire Obert – 3rd All-Around

Caydence Ancelet – 4th All-Around

Emma Fleer – 5th All-Around

Sidney Zimmerman – 5th All-Around

Carrie Vance – 6th All-Around

Olivia Slater – 6th All-Around

Kaitlyn Klusman – 7th All-Around

Kaliyah Chinn – 9th All-Around

Chloe Buhrmester – 9th All-Around

Level 3:
Sylvia Winking – 2nd All-Around

Rebekah Lovercheck – 2nd All-Around

Ellie Lithila – 3rd All-Around

Braelyn McKinney – 4th All-Around

Kate Fuller – 4th All-Around

Irelyn Plenge – 4th All-Around

Addison Bakalyar – 5th All-Around

Grace Baudino – 6th All-Around

Natalie Chapman – 6th All-Around

Evan Little – 7th All-Around

Layla Fitzpatrick – 8th All-Around

Janie Triplett – 8th All-Around

Madilynn Wiseman – 8th All-Around

Jackie Lefringhouse – 9th All-Around

Carli Anders – 9th All-Around

Audrey McKinney – 10th All-Around

Event Standings

Level 9:
Ava Winking – 3rd vault, 1st bars, 2nd beam, 3rd floor

Level 8:
Ayanna Douglas – 1st vault, 2nd bars, 3rd beam, 1st floor

Level 7:
Alaina Loman – 7th vault, 2nd bars, 6th beam, 5th floor

Lila Winking – 6th vault, 7th bars, 8th beam, 4th floor

Sophia Slater – 3rd vault, 8th bars, 9th beam, 10th floor

Level 4:
Welsee John – 1st vault, 1st bars, 1st beam, 2nd floor

Aubrey Pool – 3rd vault, 3rd bars, 2nd beam, 1st floor

Miranda Klingler – 2nd vault, 5th bars, 3rd beam, 5th floor

Faith Alford – 1st vault, 8th bars, 3rd beam, 4th floor

Thea Figge – 4th vault, 3rd bars, 6th beam, 1st floor

Claire Obert – 3rd vault, 6th bars, 2nd beam, 6th floor

Caydence Ancelet – 3rd vault, 6th bars, 8th beam, 6th floor

Emma Fleer – 3rd vault, 3rd bars, 6th beam, 2nd floor

Sidney Zimmerman – 5th vault, 2nd bars, 4th beam, 5th floor

Carrie Vance – 3rd vault, 6th bars, 9th beam, 4th floor

Olivia Slater – 5th vault, 1st bars, 9th beam, 6th floor

Kaitlyn Klusman – 2nd vault, 6th bars, 9th beam, 5th floor

Kaliyah Chinn – 6th vault, 7th beam, 8th floor

Chloe Buhrmester – 8th vault, 9th bars, 7th beam, 7th floor

Level 3:
Sylvia Winking – 1st vault, 3rd bars, 3rd beam, 1st floor

Rebekah Lovercheck – 5th vault, 2nd bars, 1st beam, 4th floor

Ellie Lithila – 3rd vault, 6th bars, 5th beam, 1st floor

Braelyn McKinney – 3rd vault, 2nd bars, 8th beam, 2nd floor

Kate Fuller – 3rd vault, 9th bars, 3rd beam, 5th floor

Irelyn Plenge – 6th vault, 4th bars, 2nd beam, 4th floor

Addison Bakalyar – 3rd vault, 7th bars, 9th beam, 2nd floor

Grace Baudino – 8th vault, 10th bars, 5th beam, 5th floor

Natalie Chapman – 4th vault, 5th bars, 4th beam, 5th floor

Evan Little – 8th vault, 6th bars, 6th beam, 7th floor

Layla Fitzpatrick – 2nd vault, 9th bars, 7th beam, 8th floor

Janie Triplett – 4th vault, 8th beam, 7th floor

Madilynn Wiseman – 8th vault, 8th bars, 9th beam, 6th floor

Jackie Lefringhouse – 6th vault, 5th bars, 7th floor

Audrey McKinney – 9th vault, 8th bars, 10th beam, 10th floor

Emma Pitford – 9th floor

Milah Ogle – 10th vault, 10th beam

Natalie Royalty – 8th floor

Carlie Anders – 5th vault, 9th bars, 10th beam, 8th floor