Kinder Gem Homework – Week 9

We’ve loved all the pictures of Gem City’s little ones! This will be our last skill refresher and coloring sheet for the spring session. We miss you and can’t wait to see you in gym again!!

Canceled classes won’t dampen our athlete’s spirits, so please help us to keep them engaged during this time away from gym.  Share their finished coloring sheet OR share a picture of them doing gym at home! We’d love to see what everyone is working on! 

Feel free to print this week’s coloring sheet and color it together, after you do “gym” of course! Here’s a list of some things every Gem City Kinder Gem athlete can show off at home.

Summer 2020 Information

Both warmer days and cartwheels are ahead. Start planning now with our Summer 2020 class schedule!

Skill Refresher

Coloring Sheet