Spring 2021 Safety Protocols

We are excited to to offer classes for Spring 2021 session in a safe and healthy manner! We are operating at a reduced capacity inside the gym, so we have fewer classes offered than usual, but we are still back at it!

You can find Gem City’s Spring 2021 class listings here.

The biggest changes you’ll see this Spring are:

  1. No chaperones will be allowed inside the gym for athletes ages six and older UNLESS they are attending a private lesson. You must escort your child to the front door and be waiting for them outside after class. We will have a staff member helping athletes into the gym and getting athletes to their classes the first week.
  2. Athletes ages five and younger can have ONE chaperone to escort them to class and stay to watch the class. No other children or adults will be allowed in so that we can keep our capacity numbers lower.
  3. Athletes will not be allowed to wear a face mask while in class. Masks bring a risk of falling over the eyes and inhibiting breathing while training.
  4. All athletes will be required to go directly to the restroom and wash their hands with soap and water before AND after class. We will also not be using the water fountain, so make sure to bring a water bottle with you or your athlete can purchase a water for $1 in our Pro Shop.
  5. Class registrations will be done solely over the phone. Registration form and Spring tuition will be due the first week of class in order to attend class. We will provide you with a link to the registration form to print at home to have ready to hand in your first day of class.. 

Full list of new procedures can be found here.

Other offerings this Spring:

  1. Birthday parties are happening and we are still taking reservations!
  2. Preschool Playtime meets every Wednesday, 9:30-11:30am, for kids age six and under. Info available here.
  3. We are doing private lessons for the Spring session.