Cartwheeling into the Last Invitational Meet of the Season

The St. Louis Classic was our gymnastics team last invitational of the season this past weekend. We are incredibly proud of our girls and their resilience this season. Also, we’re very excited to attend the many state meets ahead!

A special congratulations to our Level 3 girls as they earned 3rd place team award! Find a few St. Louis Classic memories below along with the individual placements.

Gymnastics team coaches include Jacob Huff, Hope Huff, and Sarah Shumake. You can read more about Gem City’s gymnastics program and find our meet schedule here.

Gem City’s St. Louis Classic Meet Results

The top ten individual placings are as follows:
(Vault, Uneven Bars, Balance Beam, Floor Exercise, All-Around)

Level 3:

Kaylin Vazquez-Epperson – V4, UB4, BB1, FX2, AA2
Kate Fuller – V7, BB10, FX9
Abby Twaddle – V7, UB7, BB7, FX5, AA7
Milah Ogle – V10, UB7, , BB5, FX6, AA8
Claire VerMeer – V4, UB9, BB9, FX8, AA9
Kate Willingham – V8, UB10, FX9, AA10
Dorothy Boehmer – V5, UB2, BB2, FX4, AA2
Quinlynn Martin – V3, UB4, BB7, FX2, AA3
Evan Little – V6, UB2, BB3, FX3, AA4
Janie Triplett – V1, UB8, BB4, FX6, AA6
Lexy Karhliker -V9, UB4, BB6, FX7, AA7
Nevaeh Weinand – V8, UB7, BB8, FX9, AA9
Mia Viorel – V10, UB6, BB9, AA10
Lillian Hendrian – UB8, BB7, FX7, AA9
Madilynn Wiseman – participated

Level 4:

Sylvia Winking – V2, UB3, BB4, FX2, AA3
Eden Mayes – V5, UB1, BB4, FX9, AA4
Ellie Lithila – V10, UB4, BB3, FX3, AA4
Kaliyah Chinn – V4, UB5, BB10, FX8, AA7
Grace Baudino – V7, UB8, AA10
Irelyn Plenge – V5, UB4, BB10, FX5, AA6
Chloe Buhrmester – V8, UB9, BB3, FX5, AA8
Natalie Chapman – V9, UB7, AA10
Addison Bakalyar – UB6, FX10
Emma Pitford – BB7

Level 5:

Olivia Slater – V3, UB2, BB8, FX6, AA5
Claire Obert – V6, UB9, BB2, AA7
Miranda Klingler – V4, UB5, BB5, FX5, AA4
Faith Alford – V9, UB9, BB7, FX7, AA8
Emma Fleer – V5, UB4BB10, FX3, AA
Thea Figge – participated

Level 7:

Lila Winking – V8, UB9, BB7, FX8, AA8
Sophia Slater – V5, UB3, BB8, FX8, AA7

Level 8:

Anna Venvertloh – V1, UB5, BB2, FX5, AA4

Level 9:

Ava Winking – V3, UB4, BB9, FX10, AA3
Haley Woodyard – V8, UB9, BB5, FX9, AA7