Gymnastics Team Continues Season in Kansas City

Gem City’s Gymnastics Team competed at the KC Classic “American Princess” Invitational hosted by Kansas City Gymnastics School. The Level 3 Team earned a second place finish.

You can view a list of individual standings below. Gymnastics team coaches include Jacob Huff, Hope Huff, Sarah Shumake, Ashley Schralla, and Katelyn Haley. You can read more about Gem City’s gymnastics program and find our meet schedule here.

Meet Results

Team Awards

  • Level 3 – 2nd place 🥈
  • Level 4 – 5th place
  • Level 5 – 3rd Place 🥉

Level 3:

  • Lillian Hendrian V5, UB3, BB3, FX3, AA2 🥈
  • Madilynn Wiseman V8ub9, BB4, FX7, AA8
  • Lindyn Lair V4, UB1, BB1, FX1, AA1 🥇
  • Josey Bockhold V1, UB2, BB2, FX2, AA2 🥈
  • Kinsey Baker V4, UB1, BB2, FX2, AA1 🥇
  • Shelby Karhliker V1, UB4, BB5, FX6, AA4
  • Kiara Winters V2, UB5, BB3, FX5, AA4
  • Jostyn Koch V7, UB9, BB8, FX3, AA6
  • Gwen Terstriep V3, UB8, BB6, FX9, AA8
  • Alexis Browning V7, UB7, BB10, FX10, AA9
  • Adalyn Plenge V6, UB10, FX7, AA1 🥇
  • Helen Andelin V1, UB2, BB2, FX1, AA2 🥈

Level 4:

  • Addison Bakalyar V6, UB3, BB1, FX3, AA3 🥉
  • Lexy Karhliker V3, UB4, BB5, FX5, AA4
  • Janie Triplett V4, UB5, BB4, FX4, AA5
  • Evan Little V5, UB6, BB6, FX6, AA6
  • Mia Viorel V3, UB1, BB3, FX5, AA2 🥈
  • Carlie Anders V4, UB2 BB5, FX2, AA3 🥉
  • Grace Baudino V2, UB4, BB4, FX3, AA4
  • Abby Twaddle V5, UB5, BB1, FX1, AA5
  • Milah Ogle V7, UB7, BB3, FX5, AA6
  • Kate Willingham V5, UB6, BB7, FX6, AA7
  • Kate Fuller V3, UB6, BB6, FX7, AA6
  • Claire Vermeer V7, UB3, BB4, FX2, AA6
  • Quinlynn Martin V1, UB2, BB6, FX1, AA2 🥈
  • Dorothy Boehmer V6, UB4, BB4, FX3, AA4
  • Hayden Marley V2, UB1, BB2, FX2, AA2 🥈

Level 5:

  • Faith Alford V1, UB1, BB1, FX2, AA1 🥇
  • Chloe Buhrmester V3, BB2, FX1, AA2 🥈
  • Sylvia Winking V2, UB1, BB2, FX1, AA1 🥇
  • Eden Mayes V5, UB3, BB2, FX2, AA3 🥉
  • Ellie Lithila V3, UB6, BB5, FX6, AA5
  • Irelyn Plenge V2, UB2, BB6, FX4, AA5

Level 7:

  • Lila Winking V9, UB9, BB4, FX4, AA9
  • Olivia Slater UB3, FX4, AA7
  • Sophia Slater V3, FX5, AA6

Level 9:

  • Anna Venvertloh V3, UB2, BB3, AA2 🥈
  • Ava Winking V1, BB3, FX1, AA3 🥉

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