Gymnastics Team Wraps Up Season in St. Louis

The St. Louis Classic was the final invitational of the gymnastics season on February 24-26, 2023. We’re so proud of our team and their performances. Now on to many State meets over the next month!

You can view a list of top ten placings below. Gymnastics team coaches include Jacob Huff, Hope Huff, Sarah Shumake, and Ashley Schralla. You can read more about Gem City’s gymnastics program and find our meet schedule here.

Meet Results

Level 9:

  • Ava Winking 6V, 6UB, 7BB, 🥈2FX, 6AA
  • Anna Venvertloh 5V, 4UB, 4BB, 7FX, 🥈2AA

Level 7:

  • Sylvia Winking 6UB, 4BB, 4FX, 5AA
  • Eden Mayes 9V, 🥉3UB, 6BB, 7AA
  • Olivia Slater 🥉3UB, 8BB, 10AA
  • Emma Fleer 8FX
  • Ellie Lithila 10V, 10FX

Level 5:

  • Addison Bakalyar 5UB, 6BB, 10FX, 7AA
  • Irelyn Plenge 1V, 🥉3UB, 5BB, 9FX, 🥉3AA
  • KK Vazquez-Epperson 🥈2UB, 10BB, 5FX, 7AA
  • Quinlynn Martin 🥈2V, 4UB, 🥇1BB, 4FX, 🥇1AA

Level 4:

  • Carlie Anders 🥈2V, 6UB, 9BB, 🥉3FX, 4AA
  • Milah Ogle 9UB, 10BB, 9FX, 10AA
  • Lillian Hendrian 6UB, 9FX
  • Dorothy Boehmer 8V, 🥈2BB, 4FX, 8AA
  • Claire VerMeer 5V, 7UB, 🥉3BB, 🥈2FX, 🥈2AA
  • Mia Viorel 6V, 🥉3UB, 5BB, 8FX, 5AA
  • Lindyn Lair 7V, 6UB, 10BB, 5FX, 6AA
  • Gwen Terstriep 10UB
  • Jostyn Koch 🥈2V
  • Kinsey Baker 9UB, 7BB, 9FX
  • Kiara Winters 5V, 10UB, 10BB
  • Adalyn Plenge participated

Level 3:

  • Sophia Allen 8UB
  • Cecelia Coval 5V, 4UB, 7FX, 7AA
  • Ava Freesmeyer 7V, 9UB, 2FX, 8AA
  • Kinsley Fuller 5V, 5UB, 7BB, 8FX, 7AA
  • Ella Wietholder 4V, 5UB, 9BB, 3FX, 🥉3AA
  • Kylee Adams 10V, 10UB, 10FX
  • Aubree Douglas 10BB, 8FX
  • Hadley Fry 8V, 4FX, 9AA
  • Rozalyn Brass 7BB, 10FX, 10AA

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