Why can’t we register and pay online?

“Why can’t we register and pay online?” >> We get asked this question a lot. Here’s our answer.

1️⃣ We only have three sessions a year, so there are only three times a class/day/time need to be chosen and registered for by filling out a paper form. Lots of parents simply drop off at the door or even carpool with others. While your child is here they are in our care and our coach is responsible for their well-being and their whereabouts.

We feel that physically coming into our building three times a year (minimum) gives parents the opportunity to see our place, meet our people, and feel the environment that is the gym. Otherwise, we know we would have parents that never set foot in our facility. We want to see you! We want to chat, give a smile, and even tell you about how your child is doing.

2️⃣ Also, our tuition is cheaper if you pay by check or cash. Paying with a card or online has additional fees involved (up to 4%), so it’s saving you money too by paying in person!

3️⃣ This gets asked EVERY single month – why do I have to fill out the form again? Simply put, if we only have emergency contacts or allergies listed online, if we lose internet service then we can’t get ahold of that information. Having an actual form to pull out of our file cabinet is so important to us! Our system is internet based, so we can only function at our best when the internet is available.

4️⃣ Lastly, we are all human. Many times the wrong classes are chosen by the parent. By signing up in person (or over the phone sometimes) it allows us to ask questions and get your child in the correct class. We have age-based classes as well as skill-based classes at Gem City, and many times the best class is chosen after a short talk with our secretary or a coach. YOU WON’T GET THAT ONLINE. We also have some classes that require less coach to athlete ratio due to special circumstances. Adding our human touch allows for accommodation of these things.

So while we maintain our social presence and our website, we will not be adding online registration or forms anytime soon. We will continue to upload our session schedules and prices on our site, but when it’s time to register and pay, we prefer to see you in person!

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