Gem City Offers More Than Cartwheels

Most people have heard of us and lots of people know of some of the little extras that we have here at the gym. But we’re here to give you a list of the little extras that we have here at our facility!

If your child is in class and you are staying on the property, then we have many sitting areas! There is a balcony viewing area to better see the full gym, a spectator area that is level with the gym floor, we have tables and chairs in our lobby, and we even have two picnic tables in our front yard on those nice-weather days!

We sell snacks and water in our Pro Shop. If you bring your own water bottle, then we have a filtered water bottle fountain to refill your water bottles while you’re here.

Our Pro Shop sells leotards, shorts, and scrunchies! No need to find a store in town or order online without being able to try a size on. We let you try on either brand we carry before purchasing it so that you know it fits! We also have a used, consignment section in our Pro Shop! We sell many leotards and shots that others outgrow, so feel free to bring in your leotards as you grow out of them – we can sell them for you and add the proceeds to your account for you to use towards a new leotard or even class tuition!

We have free wifi for our guests if you need to get some work done while you’re waiting!

We have a sidewalk the entire length of the property that meets up to stepping stones that lead the kids right to the front door without having to walk through the middle of the parking lot. We also suggest walking the rocks along the building to stay out of the path of cars.

If you’re ever wondering what extra events or deadlines we have coming up, we have all of our flyers posted on the “information” bulletin board right as you walk into the facility. We also have all flyers on display outside the Pro Shop window.  Directly next to the information bulletin board we also have our “staff” board that shows each coach and party instructor for that session and short bio about them!

We have a television in the lobby, so in the event of bad weather, breaking news, or even some games, we put the tv on for all to see. We also play cartoons on this tv to entertain kids while they wait for their siblings to finish class.

Our whole building is air conditioned! There are times when we open the doors and let the big fans do the work, but all summer long we enjoy a sport that allows us to be inside out of the heat!

Our entrance and bathrooms are all ADA accessible. We also have a handicapped sitting right inside the gym. Our handicap parking spot is the first and biggest spot directly outside our front double doors.

We also have a baby changing station in our women’s restroom that is also ADA accessible. 

Our toilets are not automatic flushing toilets. This seems to be a big plus with our little athletes that have a fear of those kinds of toilets. We also have the option of using paper towels or hand dryers in both of our restrooms. Again, we have found that some little ones don’t like the loud sound of the hand dyers. Also, our restrooms all have one toilet, one sink, and one soap dispenser in each that are shorter and made for the young people that use them most!

We have a deep freezer, water cooler, and regular refrigerator with a freezer on site for use by those that rent the facility for parties or groups.

We hope you find some of this information helpful! We sure do love having patrons that know all the ins and outs of this place and we work constantly to make sure it remains a welcoming place for all that enter.

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