Troy Lucas Memorial Scholarship: Applications Open Until July 29

Troy Lucas loved this gym and the people in it. His weekly lesson became a part of his routine that helped him become more social, more brave, more talkative, and less inhibited by his own differing abilities.

Gem City understands the powerful role played by athletics and gymnastics in helping kids grow. It’s why we created this scholarship in summer of 2021. Gem City offers this scholarship for weekly private lessons for a child with differing abilities to enable even more kids to have the experience like Troy did.


A new child will be selected each summer to benefit from lessons for the next school year at no cost. Any child under the age of 18 is eligible.

Gem City consults with a local occupational therapist to develop the most meaningful lessons for the child.

How to Apply

Please email Katie Cernea to nominate a child for this scholarship at before July 31, 2024. Our fall session begins August 26. We will select and then contact the recipient to set up times for lessons.

Please include the names of the child and parent and phone number in your nomination email. Let us know of the limitations or diagnosis of the recipient.

Want to Help?

We invite any local business or individual who would like to sponsor a child to do so. We have the space, staff, and willingness to help more than one child per year. Please contact us for more information.

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