Tryouts for All Star Cheer Fast Approaching

Informational Meeting

8 pm on Tuesday, April 23, 2013 in the lobby of Gem City Gymnastics & Tumbling

An informational meeting will be held at 8 pm on Tuesday, April 23, 2013 in the lobby of Gem City Gymnastics & Tumbling. We will explain competitive all star cheer, the USASF, and the tryout process. We will also introduce the coaches, learn about practices, and discuss the time commitment and costs. This is all for your information. Attending this meeting in no way requires you to tryout.

It was a little over a year ago when Hope Cernea and I got the green light to start an all star cheer program here at Gem City. For years Hope and I have split the responsibilities of the cheer tumbling classes offered at the gym. We thought it was time for these accomplished athletes to have their due in a competitive arena.

All Star Cheer 2012-2013

All Star Cheer 2012-2013

Hope had experience as a college cheerleader and all star cheer competitor, and I had well… no idea about what to expect exactly. We completed coaching certification through the USASF, watched many YouTube videos, held tryouts, christened the squad the Gem City Outlaws, and got to work. We’ve learned so much—me especially! (The concept of an eight count, for example.)

I’m excited to report that the Gem City Outlaws have far exceeded our expectations with their performance and dedication! (Please note our regular practices during the school year begin every Saturday at 8:30 in the morning, so these kids have sacrificed some sleeping in.) They recently placed 2nd at the Gateway Championship in St. Louis and received an award for best tumbling of all divisions and levels. We could not be prouder of them.

We’re a little teary eyed that our first all star season is coming to a close, but this next year will surely prove to be just as fun. We cannot wait to meet the athletes who decide to tryout for the 2013-2014 season. One Gem City cheer tradition we’ve decided to begin is the adoption of a new team name for each season. We were the Gem City Outlaws for the 2012-2013. We have a few ideas for the next squad, but we’re still ruminating and nothing is settled yet.

We hope to see you at tryouts!

Cheer Places 2nd, Wins Best Tumbling

The Gem City Outlaw cheer squad had a strong 2nd place finish at the Gateway Championship in St. Louis. They competed in the senior level 2 division against four other squads. We were proud of them as this was their first cheer competition ever!

We were especially proud of their award for best tumbling. This is given to the team with the highest average tumbling score of the entire day, which means Gem City out tumbled all other squads, including the level 5 teams.

Keep your eyes out for information in the next couple weeks if you or your child is interested in trying out for next year’s cheer squad!

How We Begin Every Saturday Morning!

A little fun throwing with the cheer squad this morning! We ♥ tossing people above our heads and to the ceiling. And, this is how we begin every Saturday morning–with cheer squad practice!

If you’re interested in Gem City’s cheer squad be on the lookout for information in March!