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Summer Session Complete!!

Gem City had a great summer and we can’t believe it’s over!

We’re closed from August 9 – Aug 24 for classes. The fall session begins Monday, August 25. Please call 217.224.8491 to register.


Gem City shines at Junior Olympics


Several Gem City athletes competed this week at the AAU Junior Olympic Games in Des Moines, Iowa. All athletes performed great! Some particular highlights were the gold medal finishes by Maggie Schutte and Gage Woolen as well as the silver medal finishes by Maurice Silas and Emily Lennox.

2014 AAU Junior Olympics Results


Maggie Schutte – Gold Medal, Advanced

Gage Woolen – Gold Medal, Sub-Novice

Maurice Silas – Silver Medal, Novice

Emily Lennox – Silver Medal, Novice

Brianna Barnes – 8th Place, Intermediate

Kadence Haskins – 10th Place, Intermediate

Reagan Smyser – 10th Place, Intermediate

Hailey Simons – 20th Place, Intermediate

Wish ‘Em Luck!


Gem City has several athletes competing this week at the AAU Junior Olympic Games in Des Moines, Iowa.

Maurice Silas and Emily Lennox competed yesterday. Both finished in 2nd place and advanced to finals today. It’s a great start for Gem City Tumblers!

Summer Refresh!

We’re getting back into the swing of things after a brief summer break.

Summer classes are now in session and we’re pumped! This is a great time of year for kids unfamiliar with gymnastics and tumbling to give it try! Summer is also a time that’s pivotal for established gymnasts and tumblers to learn new skills and routines.

Before we took our brief summer break, Gem City hosted the AAU Illinois State Trampoline & Tumbling Championship. It was a great time and our kids did an awesome job! We want to say a big Thank You to all the athletes, gyms, volunteers, and employees for making the meet a big success! We are now looking forward to the AAU Junior Olympic Games in Des Moines, Iowa, in July! Below you can find individual placements and scores.

good-job-21Maggie Schutte – 1st Place, 41.00
Gage Woolen – 1st Place, 36.80
Dakota Bradshaw – 1st Place, 36.50
Maurice Silas – 1st Place, 33.70
Emily Lennox – 2nd Place, 36.20
Rylee Mellon – 3rd Place, 37.20
Alexis Mellon – 4th Place, 35.60
Abbey Redd – 4th Place, 34.80
Kennady Fleer – 5th Place, 36.30
Reagan Smyser – 5th Place, 36.00
Blayde Terrill – 5th Place 34.30
Kadence Haskins – 6th Place, 34.80
Jaden Essig – 7th Place, 33.60
Ashley Leonard – 8th Place, 35.30
Brianna Barnes – 8th Place, 34.80
Kobi Cookson – 9th Place, 34.60
Faith Manion – 10th Place, 36.20
Sophie Soltwedel – 10th Place, 34.20
Hailey Simons – 11th Place, 34.10