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Gk Sale – August 2013

Have the kids outgrown those leotards or shorts? Check out our August deals below.

Deal #1- Buy any regularly priced GK leo and get 25% off a second GK leo!

Deal #2- Get a free scrunchie when you buy a pair of regularly priced GK shorts.


Need a daytime class for your little guys?


Our afternoon and evening classes work great for many parents, but we know some have schedules that are better accommodated by morning classes. With this in mind, we’re excited to announce that this fall we’ll be offering a of couple daytime Kinder Gem classes on Fridays.

Friday Morning Times & Classes:

Kinder Gem 3 – 9:45-10:30 am

Kinder Gem 4 & 5- 10:30-11:30 am

August Open Gym

Let the kids escape the heat at our next open gym with candy, soda, and fun! It’ll be Friday, August 2 from 6 to 8. $7 members and $9 nonmembers. Ages 4 to 14.

August Open Gym

Congrats to the New All Star Squad!

diamondWe want to congratulate the following athletes on making the 2013/14 Gem City All Star Cheer Squad! Hope and I truly enjoyed the tryout process. We look forward to working with you during the upcoming year.

2013/14 Cheer Squad:

Calissa Cormier
Makenna Gray
Olivia Hoebing
Kylie Jones
Shelby Lahr
Amber Leonard
Ashley Leonard
Sophia Marcola
Kayla McElroy
Savannah Nash
Sierra Nash
Kaylyn Orpet-Hulett
Brenna Phillips
Lindsey Schafer
Kelsey Shires
Sophie Soltwedel

2013 Level 5 State Meet Results

Coaches Kiki Backoff, Hope Cernea, and Jacob Huff are picture with the entire 2012-2013 gymnastics team.

Coaches Kiki Backoff, Hope Cernea, and Jacob Huff are picture with the entire 2012-2013 gymnastics team.

We’re busy preparing for the state tumbling meet we’re hosting on May 18. (Read more about it here.) But we wanted to take some time to highlight how our level 5 gymnasts performed in Peoria at their state meet. We’re very proud of all their hard work!

Read individual results below.

Sydney Stupavsky

3rd Place – Beam

5th Place – Floor

9th Place – All Around

Maggie Schutte

3rd Place – Vault

9th Place – Uneven Bars

3rd Place – Floor

4th Place – All Around

Baylee Arnold

6th Place – Vault

7th Place – Floor

7Th Place – All Around

Isabella Anderson

11th Place – Beam

Mary Farmer

2nd Place – Beam

Tumbling Team Competes at USTA Southern Illinois State

great jobGem City’s tumbling team competed this past Sunday at the USTA Southern Illinois State competition in Highland,Illinois.

This is our biggest tumbling meet of the season with over 900 athletes competing! Our downstate competitors performed well with nearly all qualifying for USTA nationals. Athletes must place 10th or higher to qualify. Find out about individual athlete placement below.

USTA Souther Illinois State Results:

1st – Maggie Schutte, Sub-advanced girls ages 13-14

2nd – Dawson Nash, Advanced boys all ages

3rd – Mick Bramlett, Advanced boys all ages

3rd – Brianna Barnes, Novice girls age 12

6th – Bella Soltwedel, Sub-novice girls ages 13-14

6th – Audrey Kaufman, Novice girls age 10

6th – Reagan Smyser, Sub-novice girls age 10

10th – Emily Lennox, Novice girls age 7

11th – Abbey Redd, sub-novice girls age 7

19th – Jaden Essig, sub-novice girls age 10

28th – Sierra Nash, intermediate girls ages 11-12

Don’t know what this tumbling team thing is? Read more about Gem City’s tumbling team here.

The Value of Evaluation Week

check markIt’s a fun week at Gem City because it’s evaluation week. All this means is that during class instructors will use a standardized list to see what your child has accomplished this session. Should your child meet all the skill standards they will move up to the next level class.

Evaluations are important for a number of reasons. The most important one being that evaluations give your child concrete goals to work toward. The list of skill standards an instructor uses during evaluation week is the same list they use all session to guide their coaching. This means children are very familiar with each skill before evaluation week arrives.

The other reason Gem City uses evaluations is that it allows us to place children in the appropriate class. Nothing is more frustrating than being in a class this is either too difficult or too easy. (This is frustrating for coaches too!) A coach can better emphasize needed skills and efficiently use time if the children in a class all have the same approximate skill level.

Sometimes skills are really close, or a child may “basically” do a skill. Coaches will often comment “Almost” or “Getting close!” on the evaluation sheets in these cases. Some may wonder why we don’t just move the child up a level when this happens and it’s because what coaches are looking for is a mastery of the skills. This means coaches want fluidity, confidence, and consistency when a child does a skill.

If you have questions about your child’s evaluation please feel free to speak with your child’s coach.

April 2013 Newsletter

Our newsletter for April 2013 is packed! You’ll find much sought after information on evaluation week and summer registration. Also, don’t forget our info meeting about cheer tryouts on April 23 at 8 pm. Additionally, attend the Forever Kelton fundraiser being hosted at the gym. It is Friday, April 19 from 6:30-9:30 and costs $15 per child. All proceeds will be used to support NICU research as the St. Louis Children’s Hospital.

April 2013

Gym is closed for classes May 15 - June 5.
Summer registration is still open, so call us at 217.224.8491!
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